2014 - 2015 GJLF Showmanship Point Circuit Winners

Junior Dairy Winners
(pictured front row left to right)
1st - Trent Maddox, 2nd - Jorja Cooper,
3rd - Natalie Collis, 4th - Jiles Coble
and 5th - Morgan Patterson.

Senior Dairy Winners
(pictured on the back row left to right)
1st - Kesley Kohl, 2nd - Ashley Dooley,
3rd - Brandon Price and 4th - Haley Pulsifer.

Junior Sheep Winners:
1st - Victoria Barber, 2nd - Laurie Jo Burt,
3rd - Emma Long, 4th - Meredith Camp and
5th - Landon Williams.

Senior Sheep Winners
1st - Ben Porter, 2nd - Lea Barrow, 3rd - Jarrett Baldwin, 4th - Lily Anne Howard

Junior Goat Winners
1st - Kylie Whitworth, 2nd - Lily Norton,
3rd - Collin Wellborn, 4th - Laurie Jo Burt
and 5th - Abigail Kendrick.

Senior Goat Winners
1st - Jarrett Baldwin, 2nd - Madison Weeks,
3rd - Faith Gilman, 4th - Hunter Anderson
and 5th - Austin Fuller.

Junior Swine Winners
1st - Savannah Page, 2nd - Taylor Barber,
3rd - Joe Dan Mitchell, 4th - Carolyne Turner and 5th - Gracy Sexton.

Senior Swine Winners
1st -Brooks Royal, 2nd - Briggs Williams,
3rd - Justin Daniel, 4th - Kameron Landeen
and 5th - Courtney Conine.

Junior Beef Winners
1st - Madyson McDaniel, 2nd - Morgan McDaniel, 3rd - Austin Ertzberger,
4th - Savannah Page and 5th - Dylan Chastain.

Senior Beef Winners
1st - Chris Hart, 2nd - Murdock Wynn,
3rd - Andy Chastain, 4th - Haley Pulsifer and
5th - Makayla Holmes.

Archived Point Winners:
2013-14 Show Season Winners