The GJLF is pleased to kick off the GJLF Showmanship Point Circuit available for all of Georgia’s youth for all species! Check-out the Rules and Entry Form for more information. The contest runs April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.

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2015 - 2016 GJLF Showmanship Point Circuit Winners

Junior Dairy Winners
5th - Ashlyn Reddick of Burke 4-H,
4th - Morgan Patterson of Jasper 4-H,
3rd - Jiles Coble of Burke 4-H,
2nd - Trent Maddox of Jasper 4-H and
1st - Emma Newberry of Oconee Middle FFA

Senior Dairy Winners
5th - Anna Grace Bass of Elbert 4-H,
4th - Jacob Bass of Elbert 4-H,
3rd - Haley Pulsifer of Perry FFA,
2nd - Kesley Kohl of Putnam FFA and
1st - Jorja Cooper of Chattooga FFA.

Junior Sheep Winners:
1st - Landon Williams of Elberton 4-H,
2nd - Tucker Howard of Screven 4-H,
3rd - Emma Long of Pickens Middle FFA,
4th - HannaBeth Richardson of Morgan 4-H and
5th place - Laurie Jo Burt of Colquitt 4-H

Senior Sheep Winners
1st - Victoria Barber of CA Gray FFA,
2nd - Ben Porter (not pictured) of Morgan 4-H,
3rd - Jarrett Baldwin of Hart 4-H,
4th - Meredith Camp of Pike FFA and
5th - TulaBlue Waldrop (not pictured) of Mary Persons FFA

Junior Goat Winners
1st place - Casey West of White FFA,
2nd - Paycee Jackson of Banks 4-H,

3rd - Chase West of Madison Co. Middle FFA,
4th - Joshua Scott Fleming of Hart County and
5th - Adrianna Rivero of Coffee 4-H

Senior Goat Winners
1st - Jarrett Baldwin of Hart 4-H,
2nd - Austin Fuller of Coffee 4-H,
3rd - Kylie Whitworth of Madison Co. FFA,
4th - Collin Wellborn of Rabun FFA and tied for 5th - Callie Ollis of Madison FFA and Gillian Raese of Hart FFA

Junior Swine Winners
1st - Savannah Page
of West Jackson Middle FFA,
2nd - Carolyne Tuner of Colquitt 4-H,
3rd - Ret Tuner of Colquitt 4-H,
4th - Lili Grace Kinsey of Echols 4-H and
5th place - Kenna Griffin of Echols 4-H

Senior Swine Winners
1st - Brooks Royal of Ben Hill FFA,
2nd - Taylor Barber of Decatur 4-H,
3rd - Caroline Langdale of Lowndes FFA,
4th - Bailey Boling of Banks FFA and
5th - Gracy Sexton of Gordon 4-H

Junior Beef Winners
1st - Austin Ertzberger of Franklin FFA,
2nd - Morgan McDaniel of West Jackson Middle FFA,
3rd - LeAnn Beville of Berrien 4-H,
4th - Bella Chandler of East Jackson Middle FFA and
5th - Savannah Page of West Jackson Middle FFA

Senior Beef Winners
- Makayla Holmes (not pictured) of Gordon County;
2nd - Janna Anderson of Elbert FFA,
3rd - Haley Pulsifer of Perry FFA,
4th - Tyler Ertzberger of Franklin FFA and
5th - Kade Mitcham of Piedmont Academy FFA

Archived Point Winners:  
2014-15 Show Season Winners  
2013-14 Show Season Winners